IFG Blog: 008 May the Force be With You

Yo welcome to the 8th installment of the IFG weekly blog! The Future is upon us as we reach the end of 2017. Here is an update on IFG and I will go over the latest inspiring releases from pop culture including the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
            This last week has been another planning phase for IFG. I must admit I did not strategize thoroughly coming into the fall/winter season as I was purely focused on the R&D side of my pieces. This lack of planning has caused me to forfeit the rest of 2017 as my production has been halted without having the rest of marketing plan completed. Moving into 2018 I am already planning as far as next holiday season to ensure that IFG will be ready for the future.
Star Wars The Last Jedi
Rey confronts Luke Skywalker in Star Wars The Last Jedi
Last night Thursday December 14th was the release of Star Wars Episode IIX: The Last Jedi. This film has been highly anticipated since the release of episode VII The Force Awakens in 2015. I will not spoil the movie in any sense, but I will say GO SEE IT NOW! The latest installment is not the best Star Wars episode of all time as there are multiple flawed scenes throughout the film, but this episode does contain action sequences and light saber battles that are among my favorite of all time for the series. Besides those few eyebrow raising scenes I enjoyed everything else from the plot to the costume design, and special effects. I will give the film a solid 8/10.
Expect to see more of the draping cloak silhouette designs found in Star Wars in upcoming IFG designs.
I am going to keep this one short. Here are some mini adventure photos I took throughout the week.
Holiday Lights 
Holiday lights at the Mission Viejo civic center library
Temple of the Forbidden Eye  
Temple of the Forbidden Eye
New areas
New areas
Lastly, here are my beats of the week.
 Beats of the week
ifgclothing Sound Cloud
That is all for this weeks blog. May the force be with you.
Seize the Future,
Dayne Nastri

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