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 Urban Adventure

The holidays are upon us and IFG is here to support your holiday gifting needs. Black Friday was last week and we hope everyone had an opportunity to snag an embroidered patch at 50% off. With the holidays here I am keeping myself busy preparing for the New Year and the next steps for IFG.


This week my goal is to keep this blog as brief as possible with the intentions of making the blogs easier to read from here on out.


In the last week I was able to get some more shots of the Infinite hoodie in the new color ways, explore some new and historic areas of Orange County, as well as listen to some epic beats.


In preparation for Star Wars The Last Jedi coming out next Thursday December fourteenth, Here is a shot of our Infinite Hoodie in the new Space Ranger Green color way outfitted with an Imperial insignia.

Space Ranger Green Infinite Hoodie at the Noguchi Garden

Infinite Hoodie in “Space Ranger Green” with Imperial Insignia Model Credit: Nakisa Motamedi


I also got the chance to get away from all of the holiday retail hysteria and treat myself to a few Urban Adventures. Here are some of my favorite shots taken around Orange County.

Crystal Cathedral urban adventure 

Crystal Cathedral Garden Grove, CA








 Empty halls

                                   Empty Halls

Speed of light Anaheim, CA

Speed of light in Anaheim.




Spooky abandoned hangarSpooky abandoned hangar



                 These spontaneous adventures offered me a chance to unwind after my sales job and provided me an opportunity to practice my photography skills! Shots were taken with an Olympus EM5.

Ascending the darkness in style 

Ascending darkness in style. Model: Dean Dunstan in Black Infinite Hoodie





I will continue my urban adventures and will use this platform in hopes of inspiring you to finding your nearest adventure. Infinite Future Gear has the style, comfort, and functionality for all of your urban adventures. Gear up and get out and adventure.


To close this weeks’ blog here are my beats of the week!


Sound Cloud ifg clothing weekly blog 007 
ifgclothing Sound Cloud


This week was filled with epic track discoveries. My favorite track of the week is Bar9’s NEXUS-6. I first heard this track at Zed’s Dead’s Hard Summer set this year, and heard it on again recently on their Deadbeats radio 21 show. The dubstep track hits heavily with an eerie lead melody that sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie. Any Basshead will enjoy.


That will do it for this weeks’ blog. Stick around for the future and have an amazing adventurous filled week.



Seize the future,

Dayne Nastri.

Infinite Future Gear

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