IFG Blog: 005 The Speed of Light

           Weekly Blog 005: Speed of Light
Welcome to IFG blog 005. We are traveling at the speed of light with everything flying right past us and further propelling us into the future. There is tons of work to be done as usual so I’m going to keep this one brief.
 Upcoming IFG shirts Infinite Sagas 1-3.
We are still inching forward to our F/W production with our photo shoot coming up this Thursday 11/9. We will be shooting our updated hoodie for this season, our new logo Long sleeves, and Infinite Sagas Volumes 1-3. We will also be shooting our long sleeve Organization shirt as well! It has been a ton of work designing, cutting, and sewing our garments to our exact specifications and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone.
 iPhone X
Big releases from the future are here with the arrival of iPhone X and Thor Ragnarok. I’ll also share my beats of the week at the end of the blog. Let me share my experience with the iPhone X with you.
IFG Gunslinger Pants: Complete with quick draw smartphone holster
With Apple’s tenth iPhone anniversary the iPhone X built a large amount of buzz and anticipation. Customers lined up days before for the latest iteration of iPhone. This phone is packed with state of the art features including Apple’s A11 Bionic Processor, an edge-to-edge OLED display as well as their face ID facial recognition technology.
The first thing you notice about this device is the beautiful OLED display. I will pass on the science behind the display, but I will say the quality of the display looks crisp. For more on the display read this article here >>> display science. Upon holding the device you will discover the ease of use due to the smaller width of the device. You can easily manipulate the device and the entire screen due to the size maximization of the edge-to-edge display. The A11 chip breezes through iOS 11 without a hiccup and keeps the phone and face id running smoothly. Face ID is easy to setup and works very well even in low light situations. iPhone X is a masterfully crafted device, with room for improvement. As much as I appreciate ease of use due to the smaller size, the biggest complaint I have is the smaller width of the display. Within about two minutes of using the device, I did miss the wider display of my iPhone 7 Plus. The display of the iPhone X is almost 1/4” smaller and when looking at pictures in landscape mode or watching a video, the display was not as enjoyable to look at as my iPhone 7 Plus. I already have anticipation for an iPhone X Plus release and am personally waiting for that to happen before I trade in my 7P. This is the only major complaint I have on the newest iPhone release and I would still recommend it for those users in need of a new smartphone. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of our Gunslinger pants to keep that phone safe and easily accessible! Re-stock with upgrades coming in December!
 Thor Ragnarok
Thor Ragnarok (from left to right): Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki
Thor Ragnarok was released this week and brought us an MCU film filled with fantastically imaginative lore and absolutely ridiculous dialogue. The lore brought us back to the building of Odin’s Asgard and Hela’s conquest, but the down right hilarity and randomness of the character’s dialogue kept the film light and almost downplays the significance of Thor’s plot line. Despite some of the flat lined intended humor I did enjoy the costume design, specifically in regards to the new MCU character Valkyrie. This character’s back story is the most interesting as she presents a past of Asgard unexplained until she once again faces her old arch nemesis Hela. Go watch it already! Or wait for digital download.
IFG Sound Cloud 
Follow ifgclothing on Sound Cloud to discover our favorite electronic beats of the week
This week I had a few tracks on repeat with soothing keys to keep my spirits high through the week. I discovered an older track called “Lost” by electronic artist Multi. The track begins with a light female vocal and progresses with an ethereal synth. A drum & bass beat smoothly breaks and flows through the chorus. Although the track lacks a lead melody the vocals carry the song for a memorable and peaceful tune.
After that track I listened to “Last Island” by Radio Dreams. This track also carries light uplifting synths in a more up beat fashion. The lead in this song is catchy and is followed by a dreamy vocal.
Both tracks are very soothing and put me in a better mood. Take a listen and have your spirits uplifted! That’s it for this week!
I wish I had more time to write as I do enjoy it, but the art comes first! I am hastily cutting patterns for our expert sewer Lily at this time 10:51pm on a Tuesday night. After a long day of critical production errors (wrong sample sizes were made for out shoot in two days) I am exhausted from putting out the fires that had me traveling multiple trips around Santa Ana to Cerritos and Glendale with the last 24 hours. As they say if it were easy everyone would be doing it. I’ll post another blog this weekend to makeup for this post so look for the next one soon for more updates on production and some photos from our photo shoot!
Seize the future,
Dayne Nastri.
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