IFG Blog: 004 The Wall, and how to get around it.

 IFG weekly blog:004

The wall, or an unfavorable time in one’s life where everything just seems to be stuck is something we try to avoid at all costs. This wall can loom over our lives causing stress to everything and everyone around us. Unfortunately for IFG and myself I am hitting the wall hard this week! Luckily, I am quite familiar with “The Wall” from my long-distant running endeavors and that training has given me the willpower, patience, and dedication to break through the walls. This week I wanted to share the obstacles we are facing at IFG and what tactics I personally use to keep going. I will also share some bright spots for us, including our presence on Sound Cloud with some of my favorite EDM tracks and mixes at the moment. Let us take a look at that manufacturing wall we are facing.

Today’s date is October twenty-eighth, two thousand and seventeen. It has been two years and thirteen days since I have launched my business Infinite Future Gear. In the beginning selling my one of a kind hoodie was a fun hobby that kept me busy with work that was fun and that I was proud of. Two years later as I reach for the next level of my business the realization of running a full-time business is sinking in. Everything must be running on all cylinders for IFG to get to the next level.
Twenty-seventeen consisted of implementing the highest quality of manufacturing components to produce the highest quality of products that we possibly could have. I spent my time and money trying out different sources of fabric, different dye houses, and t-shirt printers. The most important thing was to make the best products I could. Failure after failure I worked my way through Orange County and Los Angeles scouring different shops until I found products and services that were up to my own standards. To my surprise the t-shirt printing and garment dyeing was the most difficult products to get right. My designs were too colorful and detailed for most print shops to get just right and the colors I were seeking to have my garments dyed in required a very specific formula with the type of fabric I was using. This process took months of trial and error to complete. As I continued through the minor obstacles of the design and manufacturing process I was making critical financial errors that have brought me to the wall I am currently facing.
The long road to the top is long 
Long road is long
Now my biggest mistake looking back was not preparing my cash flow for the actual production. I was fixated on perfecting my craft with the approach of Dr. Hammond from Jurassic Park and his mindset of “spare no expense." I figured if I put in everything needed to make the best product possible I would cover the expenses with profits. Except I am no Dr. Hammond and I am funding this business from my retail computer sales job…
My lack of financial planning has now ceased my production midway through to a dead halt due to lack of funds and now my profits are thinning as my sales window of opportunity lessens by the day. I was forced to reorganize my business plan to forecast a longer sales period to hopefully make up for my lost sales. As the pressure is on to find investors here are the things that I am doing to keep going.
  1. Doing what I can: Just because we are stuck on one thing does not mean its time to quit and call it a day. There is plenty of other work and preparations to be done elsewhere. Continue to keep moving forward step by step in other aspects of your work. This variation in work may just be what is needed to find the solution and as long as you keep moving forward you will get to where you need to be.
  1. Take a break: As much as you want to figure it out all at once, you may not be able to. Do not burn yourself out more than you already are. Have patience, get your mind off of your problem, spend time with friends and let yourself regroup and re-gear.
  1. Dig Deeper: We can send robots to Pluto. You may be attempting something bigger than that, but chances are you probably are not. Focus on the main problems and break them down step by step. Keep working until you find a solution.
  1. Know that it will all be worth it in the end: As I sat into the midnight hours hacking away at the costs and profits of my new business plan I proclaimed to my father before he went to bed, “this is a lot of work” he responded to me, “Most good things are.” His words uplifted my spirits as I thought of my creations that I worked so hard on, coming to life. There is nothing else that I would rather be doing and I know, profits or loss, the creative process is worth it to me.
These are just a few things I think about when I find myself in deep. Whether you’re on mile thirty on the side of a mountain or crunching numbers till sunrise, know the work you are putting in will come back to reward you in some way, shape or form.
Now let me share with you some of my biggest inspirations from the world of EDM! I just changed my personal Sound Cloud account to our official ifgclothing soundcloud. I listen to nearly all reaches of electronic music and will do my best to repost everything I like and find inspirational. This week I listened to a mix of bass music and some good old-fashioned progressive house. I discovered Defsharp, an electronic music producer from Seattle. His calming and ambient intros off of his track “Gaurdian” are reminiscent of Seven Lions. He quickly builds energy with colorful and playful synths that remind me of Porter Robinson. The progression builds and releases to a dub filled drop at a bass music appropriate tempo of around 148 BPM. If you like Seven Lions definitely check this artist out as he blends a fresh fusion of bass and bright melodies together.
IFG Sound Cloud
One of my favorite edm dj/producers Ummet Ozcan has an amazing radio podcast “Innerstate Radio”. This week I had episode 155 on repeat. This episode starts off super smooth with funky house track “Catwalk” by Nicola Fasano and Demode. This track lays the base for the rest of the progressive artist’s show, as he builds energy and moves into dropping bangers like Armin van Buuren’s “This Is A Test” (Julian Jordan remix). Ummet ends the show with his own remix of Axwell^Ingrosso’s More Than You Know. This remix is the only mix of the song I honestly enjoy listening to, as Ummet mixes in a synth on the main verse that brings back memories of Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” and then he triumphantly covers the main chorus melody with his own signature massive sounding synth. Give it a listen and drop a comment of what you thought of the tunes, or any other tunes you recommend we listen to! I will incorporate other beats on this blog in the future, and you may even hear some originally produced IFG tunes on our Sound Cloud too so make sure to keep up with us!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Halloween!
Seize the future,
Dayne Nastri
IFG Infinite Future Gear

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