IFG Blog: 003 Level Up, Cuphead Reigns Supreme

   This week we are leveling up our production game in preparation of our largest item release yet. Although the manufacturing process is long and tedious, I can say I have never been more proud and excited in anticipation of releasing these items. We will have colors and styles for everyone and all details are meticulously accounted for from our 5/8” shirt hems to our made in Los Angeles tags, this will be a very special release.

 Samples from our upcoming T-shirt release.

Samples from our upcoming T-shirt release.

   IFG design is digitally inspired by our favorite digital creations. Video games, electronic music, and our favorite sci-fi movies are where we go to for inspiration. Designers in these fields unleash their imagination to create a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. We strive to implement those unique experiences from our digital passions into our garment and graphic designs to instill the same sense of adventure and thrill while you’re exploring in your world.

   Aside from continuing our manufacturing crusade to street wear Valhalla, I had the opportunity to play a newly released game of which I had high anticipations for.

   Cuphead: “Don’t Deal with the Devil” was finally released on Xbox one and Steam for Windows September 29. I urged my good friend and our in house marketing undergraduate to purchase the game so that we can take a wallop at a game that plays like the future, but is styled after the nostalgic animation of Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie.”


   Cupman & Mugman walloping against Ribby & Croaks

Cupman & Mugman walloping against Ribby & Croaks


   The classic cartoon style of Cuphead had drawn my interest since its 2016 E3 trailer. The style is not only reminiscent of classic Disney animation but also refines and smoothens the animations, adding vibrant colors to various cartoon characters that range from killer vegetables to giant boxing frogs. This combination of cartoon characters and nostalgic visuals add up to deliver an instant classic to the 2D side-scrolling genre. Now that I have gotten to play the game I can also attest that the game presents much more than just a fancy art style.

    In Cuphead you play as none other than Cuphead himself with the essential option to play cooperatively with Cuphead’s partner in crime Mugman! Upon starting game play I was delighted to find my cup characters to have an array of moves that allow players to play in different paces and positions. Although, you will want to stick close to your buddy just in case a revival is necessary. The fast paced game play of Cuphead is exciting and hilarious to play through as you feebly attempt to evade and battle your way through the cartoon world. Everything in this world is attentively carved out from the entertaining cartoon themed characters to the whimsical soundtrack that creates a refreshing experience for the 2D platformer genre.

Cupman and Mugman vs. Hilda Berg
Cupman and Mugman vs. Hilda Berg


   Cupman will have you running and gunning and dashing and dodging for your life as you face fantastic bosses who are heavily equipped with screen sweeping devastation. All of the bosses are challenging and my personal favorite boss was “Hilda Berg” in the “Threatenin’ Zeppelin’ “ level. This boss had Cupman and Mugman barrel-rolling in World War 1 styled airplanes battling in a dogfight against “Hilda Berg”, a shape shifting moon spirit of sorts. This boss was my favorite not only because of the opportunity to dogfight and blast my way through the skies of the cartoon world, but again because of the intricate visual design and animations. We found ourselves in awe of Hildaberg’s different forms as she took celestial shapes of the Gemini twins and then finally taking form of a mechanized moon meticulously animated with moving inner gears and UFO’s flying by to support her attacks. The Hilda Berg boss battle had us in grateful appreciation for the high level of creativity found throughout the game and had affirmed my hopes for a spectacularly themed and fun to play side scrolling platformer.

   We loved playing the game and as I hope to be able to finish it this game will serve as an inspiration for us as we here at IFG seek to create our own fantasy world that we can take with us wherever we go. I would love to rock a Cup head-embroidered patch with one of our customizable items like our Infinite Hoodie to carry its iconic art style with me on my urban adventures.

   Games like this are what drive us to create clothing that gives us an opportunity to display our passions so stay tuned as we draw closer to our latest releases. Our gear can be customized with hook and loop Velcro patches so the opportunities to customize your gear really are infinite!


  I hope you guys get a chance to play Cuphead, as the game is super fun and refreshing to play. Thanks for reading as always and look out for my later blogs for more digital adventures.


Seize the future,

Dayne Nastri

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