How IFG came to be

Urban Wear Innovated IFG


IFG was first conceptualized in March of 2015. I was attending community college and had just began working two part-time jobs. Within the first week I quickly realized the value of time. As much as I enjoyed my time studying and making a little cash on the side, I had always wanted to do more. One day while working at the community center with one of my best friends, the idea of IFG was found through our friendship.

Throughout my entire life I have been captivated by the digital world of video games. From playing console games like Street Fighter II against my older brother to newer games like Breathe of the wild, video games have always empowered and inspired me. My best friends and I grew up playing the same games and we could always bond over the experiences of playing these games. My favorite game series of all time is Kingdom Hearts.

That one day at work my friend and I were discussing Kingdom Hearts and a specific group of characters from the game that wear very distinctive long black cloaks. We had loved their costume so much that we had wished we could wear hoodies that emulated the design. There were existing hoodies that claimed to be inspired from the game, but none that truly captured the length and detail that the characters wore. We then brainstormed other basic items of clothing that could follow video game, movie, and music inspired aesthetic.

The idea of wearing clothing that was fashionable for the streets and captured the fantasy creativity of our favorite games was exhilarating. From that moment then on I have been obsessed with creating items that my friends and I could wear that reminded us of our favorite games, subtly yet distinctively to others who are fans of the games. I intend every piece we make to empower and inspire you to seize your future just like our favorite forms of digital culture have inspired us to.

It has been 2 quick years of working on this project, and I am still excited more than ever to continue creating pieces inspired by my favorite digital inspirations. It has not been easy, but nothing is more rewarding than doing something you are passionate about.

-Dayne N.


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