Zoom Infinite Sagas Part 2: Scene I "MRGA"
Zoom Infinite Sagas Part 2: Scene I "MRGA"
Zoom Infinite Sagas Part 2: Scene I "MRGA"

Infinite Sagas Part 2: Scene I "MRGA"


Limited Production 

From Part 2 of the Infinite Sagas.

Part 2 Redemption: RAPTORIA WARS

Scene 1: Make Raptoria Great Again


   Future-Verse 9016. The Luxian galaxy is falling to the darkness of Umbraphyte control. The interstellar Trylo Corporation trade alliance has been broken and war has erupted within and between planetary systems. Organization Infinite travels the star systems to activate the Edge Runner defenses to defend their galaxy against the super massive black hole Zgryxyx the Black Heart and its Umbraphyte followers. Upon arriving to the Raptoria system the Organization encounters business tycoon and Umbraphyte follower Hornald J. MunnyBagz. Hornald seeks to unite and synchronize the systems under Umbraphyte rule by seizing control of Raptoria, the glorious home of the Raptors. Hornald promises to banish and keep out alien immigrant workers to outer system planets as he builds his Raptor purist Umbraphyte following for the unknown future.

Features & Specs

  • Original collectible graphic comic t-shirt series
  • Original long line design
  • Jumbo story board graphic on the front, written story on the back.
  • Color - Black
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand cut and sewn in the Los Angeles California.


* Unisex fitting. Recommended women order a size down. *

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