Art for Change

Black Lives Matter

We are listening. We are learning. We are with you.

While we have been taking individual action, we want to recognize our privilege to be able to create and operate a small business in Los Angeles.

IFG was created to stand for an inclusive and diverse future. We believe it is our responsibility to fight for each other’s freedoms and rights, and right now our medium to fight is through Art.

Art for Change is a collection of pieces that's entire profit will be donated towards causes that empower black voices, building up black communities, and fighting racial injustice.

Our first installment in this collection is from Owner & Designer, Dayne Nastri. The four apparel items are some of the original designs that created IFG, updated with an all black vinyl logo, void of the IFG text, in support of the BLM movement.

The second installment is from Visual Director, Chris Koeppen. The three prints are from a photographic art series, "Kingsbane", which reimagines the Legend of King Arthur; breaking gender and racial stereotypes. You can read more about the project here.

While we can contribute our art for now, we want to use our platform to amplify black artists and voices going forward. We plan to partner with black designers, artists, and creatives in our continued effort to push for a diverse future.

If you are interested in working with us on Art for Change, send an email to us through our "Support" page with "Artist for Change" as the subject!!

June 9th - June 16th all profits from sales will be donated to "Know Your Rights Camp"

June 16th -June 23rd all profits from sales will be donated to "The Loveland Foundation"

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