Infinite Sagas Part 2: Scene II

Infinite Sagas Part 2: Scene II "The Wall"

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Scene 2 of the Infinite Sagas graphic t-shirt series. Our bold graphics tell the story of the future.


From Scene 2 of the Infinite Sagas Raptoria Wars:

Organization Infinite is en route to the Raptoria system Edge Runner. Upon their arrival to the Raptoria system their ship is bombarded with gunfire from Hornald Munnybagz’ great golden wall spaceport. The Golden wall protects Raptoria from outside immigrant aliens. The wall includes giant golden monumental statues of Hornald Munnybagz himself complete with laser eye beam canons. Alien immigrants rush the wall as they see Organizations battle bird Serene III valiantly hail cannon fire upon the wall.
Even with the unmatched firepower and maneuverability of Serene III, rushing Hornald’s wall is futile. Serene is hit by Hornald’s guardian statues and is forced to crash land on the neighboring immigrant planet under siege, Bella Tringhorn.
  • Original Infinite Sagas graphic story
  • Long line squared hem with side slits
  • Infinite Sagas Scene 2 text printed on the back
  • 100% Cotton

Hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California.