IFG Blog: 001 "Jeadge"

Today marks another new beginning for IFG and myself. Today is the beginning of our weekly blog. Through this blog I will be giving everyone an inside look at what is happening with IFG on a weekly basis. This will include everything IFG from product production to current digital cultural events. I will do my best to also include all of the not so fun hardships we face as a new startup clothing brand as well as what the meaning of “jeadge” is here within the IFG team. This last week has gone by again all too quickly so let me begin this first weekly blog off by introducing myself to those who may not already know who I am.

   My name is Dayne Nastri and I am the founder of Infinite Future Gear (IFG) clothing. I began IFG in 2015 by making bespoke hoodies inspired by my favorite videogame Kingdom Hearts. Since then I have expanded my digitally influenced clothing line to t-shirts, denim, and accessories. I had a novice educational background in fashion and business, but more importantly I had the burning passion to bring my imagination to fruition. Flash-forward two years later and I have expanded my team to increase my production output and now seek to bring my line to the masses. With new collaborations in the works with electronic artists and gamers we are now reaching the digitally inclined audience I had once dreamed of reaching when I had conceptualized IFG. So now that you are all caught up let me elaborate on those upcoming collaborations.



   IFG is heavily inspired by video games and electronic music. The empowering costume design of armor and mystifying symbols found in videogames is reinterpreted and then added to street wear design, empowering our wearers to be more than what the ordinary confines of basic street wear represent. As we seek to take the same messages of hope and empowerment from videogames we are collaborating with local competitive esports communities. Our first e-sports collaboration is with Power 9’s “The Metashift” Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. This tournament found in Long Beach, CA is home to some of the best and highest ranked Super Smash bros. melee players in the world. IFG will be collaborating and supporting The MetaShift with exclusive gear, deals, and prizes so make sure to follow their twitch stream for these offers! The next collab we are working on is with a rising electronic music artist.

   Electronic dance music serves as a huge inspiration. Artists compose and craft electronic frequencies in harmony to create stories that can be heard and enjoyed universally. The music, musicians, and fans have created a sub culture that pertains to the fun roots of disco and house music and has progressed with the incorporation of other genres of music such as rock and heavy metal. Electronic music DJ’s are celebrities in their own right and are now paving the way on the fashion front for their fans and culture.


   We seek to further progress electronic music culture by creating street wear for DJ’s and their fans. We are proud and excited to announce our first electronic music collaboration with our good friend and rising star No Mana. No Mana is a Mau5trap label artist and has produced hit tracks “Tell Me”, “Constellations”, alongside his latest remix of Svrcina’s “Island”. He is currently on tour with fellow Mau5trap artist Rezz on her Mass Manipulation tour. Find tour dates, tickets, and learn more about No Mana here. IFG will be producing No Mana’s official merchandise. Look out for more details on our Instagram page and our website.

   We are excited for all of our upcoming collaborations and we will seize the opportunity to jeadge! If anyone caught our Instagram caption from earlier this week that mentioned “jeadge” and wondered what on Earth is jeadge (pronounced: JA-J) let me explain what it means to jeadge. To jeadge means to Go HAM. Are you going out on a Saturday night with your squad? Well that means you are going to jeadge. You are going to have fun on an exponential level. So as today is Friday I hope everyone is ready to jeadge and have a great weekend!


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-Dayne Nastri.


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